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Cibon founded in SPAIN on 2014 based on cooperation with several international companies, which is a result of our presence in global agronutrients market since 2005. From the first, its activity focused on the development of modern Agronutrientes, made transparency, quality and competitive prices as its core values. This has led us to gain the trust and respect of both our clients and suppliers in different countries. We have continuously developed the quality and diversity of our products by innovative scientific approaches and utilizing researchers and research results from different countries and companies.

Cibon offers a wide variety of solutions to address all agro-nutritional needs of all crops to guarantee a healthy plant growth and minimize the impact of stressful conditions throughout growing season. Our ambition is to become the leading provider of the most modern solutions for farmers and help them increase productivity.

Cibon’s mission is to promote solutions for increasing the efficiency of agricultural production while caring for the environment and food safety. For this purpose, we cooperate with renowned research and scientific centers. We have also built our own research and experimental facilities where advanced research and development activities are performed.The inspiration for new projects are often solutions and mechanisms created by nature. Launching new products into the market is always preceded with extensive biological studies to confirm their effectiveness in real-life applications.

Cibon strength lies in a team of experienced experts who support our customers and partners with their knowledge and experience. The company’s primary virtue is customer satisfaction. Our customers’ growing requirements, opinions, and suggestions are the inspiration for continuous improvement of the product range and implementation of further innovative solutions, increasing in the profitability of agricultural production.

We look forward to cooperating with you.

Major Qualities of Cibon Products

High quality
We guarantee a stable physical form of our products and a composition consistent with the declared content. We use the latest production technologies and follow procedures in accordance with recommendations. The raw materials used come from verified suppliers that meet quality requirements. Prior to production, all components are subject to strict quality control checks.

High efficiency
Our products can significantly increase crop yield, improve its quality and raise the productivity. The effectiveness of products is confirmed experimentally and supported by positive user feedback. Agricultural recommendations are optimized for various climate conditions. High-concentration products allow desired effects to be achieved at low doses.

We offer innovative products such as biostimulants, anti-stress agents, bioproducts, specialty fertilizers and adjuvants.

Due to a sound knowledge of the market, we can provide a fast response to the market’s changing needs and requirements. We pay special attention to the practicability of recommended solutions, for example compatibility of fertilization and plant protection programs, as well as combined use of agrochemicals. We also offer the advantage of a long shelf-life for our products and availability of liquid and powder formulations.

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