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Salinity Correctors (DESALCi Series) are products based on Calcium complexed with lignosulfonic acid, completely soluble in water and with a high proportion of organic matter from northern European conifers; has been developed to correct calcium deficiencies and excess salinity in soils and waters.

DESALCi Series : properties and benefits

DESALCi Series are products based on organic matter from coniferous vegetable lignins from Northern Europe and Calcium complexed with lignosulfonic acid.

Its elements give it several properties:

  • Calcium Corrector
  • Soil improver
  • Salinity corrector

Calcium Corrector

Calcium is a secondary macroelement that participates in several ways in the metabolism of the plant:

  • Activates the metabolism of auxins, which promote growth
  • Helps to combat water stress by regulating stomatal occlusion
  • Participates in the absorption of other nutrients
  • Strengthens the structure of the cell wall, increasing its rigidity
  • Regulates the response to stress due to high temperatures
  • Improves the immune system of the plant through calmodulin
  • Improves the quality of the fruit

DESALCi Series present  calcium complexed with lignosulfonic acid, completely available for plants.

This means that Calcium is not a limiting factor for the growth of the crop, so the crop will benefit from:

  • Increased biomass production
  • A better response to biotic and abiotic stress

Soil improver

The application of  DESALCi Series contributes to the improvement of the structure and the quality of the soil, since:

  • Agglutinates soil compounds, which favors bacterial decomposition
  • The decomposed matter produced serves as a nutrient for the crop
  • Improves soil aeration, increasing the oxygen present
  • Increases the soil’s sponginess, improving its water retention capacity
  • Shifts the Sodium ions of the Change Complex, improving the quality of it

Salinity correction

In soils there are several types of ions in aqueous solution. The positively charged are called cations and are retained in the soil because it is negatively charged by the presence of organic matter.

One of the most common cations in saline soils is Sodium (Na +), dissociated from salt (NaCl).

The presence of an excess of Sodium in the soil is harmful to plants due to the high capacity of the plants to absorb it.

An excessive level of Sodium in the plant can have as a consequence:

  • Water imbalance, which will end up drying out the plant
  • Malformations on leaves and fruits
  • Smaller size and higher percentage of fruit discards

DESALCi Series are excellent correctors of salinity, both in soils and irrigation water, due to the effect that Calcium has on Sodium, which is the element that causes damage to the structure of the soil and plants.

Calcium improves the Cationic Exchange Capacity and displaces the Sodium ions from the Humic Clay Complex, which are lost by leaching.


  • Corrects calcium deficiencies with calcium totally complex and assimilable
  • Improves the physical-chemical and biological characteristics of the soil thanks to the organic matter it contains
  • Corrects the salinity of water and soil by improving cation exchange capacity (CEC) and displacing Sodium that damages its structure


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