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Iron EDDHA 6
Ortho-Ortho 4.8
Free of Chlorine 

Water Soluble Microgranules (MG)

FERROCi Q648 MG is formulated based on Chelated Iron in Fe-EDDHA form and presented in highly soluble dust free microgranules.  Because of its o,o EDDHA agent, the good stability of the chelated fraction is guaranteed is in pH interval 3 to 12.

FERROCi Q648 MG is specially developed to supply Iron (Fe), in a totally assimilable form to crops, It is recommended for the preventive and curative corrector of iron deficiencies which take place mostly because of the soil’s pH (in alkaline soils) or the presence of antagonist elements.

Available Packages: 0.5Kg | 1Kg | 5Kg | 20Kg | 1000Kg